Mitigating Top Mobile Security Issues to Shield Your Privacy, Data, & Profits

Written By Gary McCauley

Today’s world has marked the dawn of an era where everyone is ‘always connected’ through mobile devices. With businesses increasingly allowing their employees to carry out work-related tasks on their mobile devices and with the growing populari...

8 Reasons to be Smart About Your Web App Development

Written By Abdul Moiz

Custom and Cross Platform Web App Development is growing at an exponential rate. The demand for creating customer-centric applications is outpacing the ability to meet the supply, since more developers are working to develop multi-channel support. Th...

Google Perfkit Sets ‘Benchmark’ For Cloud Applications. WHAT’S NEXT?

Written By Aziz Mohammed

Google Perfkit eases developers to evaluate performances of Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, and determines the best cloud platform for your app. Many companies and application providers have been developing several applicati...

Benefits Of Managed Services To Avoid Delays In Bandwidth

Written By Gary McCauley

What you need to know about Site Readiness to accelerate the deployment of your technology systems. How Managed Services Can Avoid Delays In Bandwidth The deregulation of the telecommunications industry over the past 30 years has increased the diffic...

Cloud vs. Managed Cloud – The Questions You Must Always Ask

Written By Suresh Babu

Ready to migrate to cloud? Reap the benefits of cloud adoption by driving innovation through Managed Cloud Services. Today, Enterprises of all sizes are using Cloud Computing in one form or the other. With more than 200 cloud computing providers and ...

Empowering Smart Cities with Open Data by PediaCities

Written By Gary McCauley

In this era of social media we have access to raw data like never before. Our ideas, likes and dislikes, and the Internet of things (IOT) are captured by social network indexing more of the world around us. To make decisions that affect businesses an...

Sony Entertainments Hack Leads to FBI Flash Warning – ExterNetworks

Written By Gary McCauley

Malicious software has been at the heart of cyber attacks for many years, however, the FBI is claiming that now more than ever, it’s imperative to keep a watchful eye out for such software. The Sony Pictures hack that took place this past Thank...

IoT: How Secure are You With the Internet of Things? Externetworks

Written By Harry Bodd

Increasing network security breaches and cyber-attacks make proactive and regular security audits a critical priority for CIOs, Information Security Officers, and Network Managers. As the Cloud and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) make it hard to track...

Is your site ready for the bandwidth you ordered from your carrier?

Written By Gary McCauley

  Are you looking for someone to answer that cry for help as far as onsite and remote management of information technology and technology support services? Are you ordering new bandwidth for your office, and do you want to make sure your systems...

In-Car Internet Lets You Stay Flawlessly Connected to The IoT

With just a pair of Ethernet cable, you can get in-car internet, which connects to infotainment, cameras, wifi and in fact to each piece of electronic which supports network connectivity.   Image Source: