How to Make Business Sense of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Written By Les Williams



The fundamental need for which a business will adopt new technology is often lost amongst the hype. It can be boiled down to two basic measurable business objectives:

  1. To generate new revenue; or
  2. To increase productivity thereby gaining cost efficiencies/savings and scalability.

Now, a business can focus on one of this or a balance of the both to gain overall performance improvement, market leadership, competitive advantage, innovative brand identity, etc.; but at the end of the day revenue/profit or productivity/cost savings is what makes business sense.

So, to help you filter through the plethora of perspectives on IoT, I have compiled a twelve-page eBook that gives you a very streamlined focus on what IoT is really about and how you can make business sense of it by using these two basic business principles.


IoT Facts

You will see that there are industries like the automotive and transport, healthcare, manufacturing, wearables and others that are making good business sense of the IoT and seeing real dollar value returns already. I have included real-life examples of how companies like Audi, General Motors and others are generating revenue with IoT products and services, and how companies like Verizon have used IoT for energy efficiency gains and cost savings.

In addition to the basic business benefits of the IoT, this eBook will also give you insight into the major challenges for adoption and why your business should not ignore the advent of the IoT.  Not planning for IoT is planning to be vulnerable to security threats and obsolescence.

Why You Should Not Ignore the IoT?

The United States alone witnessed 783 security breaches in 2014, a steep 27.5% increase from 2013. The number of connected devices will only increase in the coming years and the security risks will inadvertently multiply. IoT and M2M bring great value to any business, however, the last thing you want is unauthorized access through these connected devices that will be detrimental to your operations.

Go here to download the eBook for an easy read that will provide some insight into making business sense of the IoT.

5 Questions that provide answers in the eBook to help you to monetize the IoT are:

  • What is the IoT?
  • How will the IoT impact different industries?
  • What are the benefits of the IoT?
  • How will the IoT affect security?
  • How can companies overcome some of the challenges of the IoT?


Value Proposition and Strategic Partnership through MSP 2.0


Implications of the Internet of Things

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