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An IT system that has never faced a crash, downtime, or an operational issue is only a myth. Several people across the globe go through IT issues daily and are not able to complete their tasks on time. Rather than focusing on their core business, organizations are forced to deal with such issues to ensure the smooth running of their operations. Managed IT Help Desk Services can play a pivotal role to help you regain control of your core business operations without having to worry about managing your IT infrastructure. With Help Desk Services, you can focus all your energies on your core business while your IT environment lies in the safe hands of an expert team of certified professionals who are the best at what they do.


Superior Help Desk services can free you to grow your business

Implementing an IT infrastructure system in your organization can be a relatively simpler affair than managing and maintaining it. Did you ever face a situation where you wanted to send an important email to a client urgently, and the email server of your organization was down? Or have you been caught in a situation where you wanted to download a critical software, and the firewall of your enterprise system did not allow you to do that?

These are just a few of the several IT issues that employees may face on a daily basis while trying to get their work done smoothly. The first thing that most employees have the option of is reaching out to their helpdesk for a solution to several IT issues.

However, an organization may be faced with huge volumes of calls and emails for support; it is not simple to handle such large volumes smoothly and efficiently. Also, most organizations fail to realize the level of expertise that their internal personnel must require in solving simple desktop and printer issues to complex network and server issues.

In such situations, Managed Help Desk Services can play a vital role in providing an integrated support system, on-demand support and different contact options for assistance. The right Managed Help Desk Services partner can help your business through its continued service improvement process to reduce IT issues, risks, and allows you to meet your business’ strategic goals.

Managed Helpdesk Services

There are two types of customizable and efficient Help Desk models provided by Managed Help Desk Service Providers. You can choose from the following two service models based on your unique business needs.

Desktop Support Services Model

This service model offers support services to manage your desktop infrastructure. Matured Help Desk Service Providers address the workplace service challenges that cover design specifications, infrastructure configuration, and deployment and systems management. You can make the most out of these services through a flexible and customizable services portfolio where you can maintain control while defining the services and delivery models that help you optimally operate your business.

Help Desk + NOC Services Model

In this model, MSPs offer IT Help Desk Services in combination with Managed NOC Support Services. The MSP will take complete care of your IT infrastructure and applications. As the competition deepens, enterprises look to IT providers to increase their productivity and induce flexibility in their day-to-day business operations.


The following table lists some of the services that are typical for Desktop support and Help Desk for NOC:

Similar Features of ‘Desktop Support’ and ‘Help Desk + NOC’ Services

  • Remote Support – Manned Helpdesk Technician: Based on Service Availability SLA selected
  • Support for multi-location environments, including most international locations
  • Tiered service level support & Service Level Agreements (SLA) requirements supported
  • All popular operating systems, hardware and software platforms supported
  • ITIL-based incident and problem management toolsets and processes utilized
  • Hardware & Software Asset Audits
  • Built-in Remote Control Capabilities
  • New machine setups and training if needed
  • Change Management and Configuration Management Support
  • Patch Deployment Services
  • Patch Whitelisting Service
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Client Identifiable Technician for On-site Work

Key Differences:

The following table lists some of the services that are unique for Desktop support and Help Desk for NOC:

Unique ‘Help Desk + NOC’ Services

Unique ‘Desktop Support’ Services

  • Support all Network elements including Router, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, etc.
  • Support for desktops, MACs, Laptops, Portable devices
  • Support for servers on-premise, data center of cloud based, including support for any applications functions and services
  • Support for all common applications and all popular operating systems, hardware and software platforms
  • 24×7 Performance monitoring and Proactive prevention
  • Desktop support can be provided independent of the NOC services
  • Pricing is device centric
  • Pricing is usually user centric, can sometimes be priced per device
  • These are primarily proactive services
  • Reactive support, if devices are not constantly monitored.


A stable IT help desk support system can prove to be the key to your business’ success as it helps you focus on your core functions. It also helps in the smooth, uninterrupted functioning of your operations by seamlessly solving the daily IT issues faced by your employees. The right Managed Help Desk Services Provider can work as a seamless extension of your IT system to meet your business objectives.

ExterNetworks’ IT Help Desk & NOC Services include comprehensive ‘Desktop Support’ as well as ‘Help Desk + NOC Support‘ Services. We offer on-demand, 24x7x365, unmatched technical support and expertise. We partner with you to take complete care of your IT support needs and help you to save costs and focus on high-value projects. Our team of Certified professionals provides your company a seamless experience of owning a dedicated Contact Center without actually having to manage one yourself. We work tirelessly to provide you with optimal network performance all the time through monitoring and maintaining network devices, enterprise servers, databases, and applications that may either be hosted by your hosting provider or housed in your company.


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